Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rama was Born ? That's interesting !

 Interestingly, in the latest verdict of the Allahabad High Court, one of the Judges mentioned that, Rama, the deity of some Hindus, to have taken birth in Ayodhya. This is quite astonishing. All through my life, I have always heard that Ramayana and Mahabharatha were Mythological stories, i.e the study of fictious and unrealistic stories. And today some one says that Rama was  born ! Thats interesting. Isn't it? Would be interested to look into the evidences.

If Rama was truly born, then that is another interesting thing; for God is never born, and never dies. God has no beginning; and HE has no end. God has no parents, nor does HE have wife or children. HE doesn't sleep; nor does HE rest. HE does not need anyone's help; and HE is free from all imperfections. But, when we read the Ramayana, we come across that, Rama was born to Dasharata, the King. Rama's mother was Kausalya, His brother was Lakshmana, he had Sita as his wife, he had children Luv and Kush, he ate food, he slept, he even sought the help of Hanuman to rescue his wife from Ravana...and so on. All these things make us believe that Rama was not absolute and eternal; he was not the self sufficient Master. Ram Janma or the Birth of Rama only makes us believe that he was not the Creator of the Universe. I mean the Mythological Rama is not possessing the attributes of being God.

Hypothetically speaking, if someone says that, Rama was born in Ayodhya, that is also interesting. If one gives us all the proofs to make us believe that Rama was actually born in Ayodhya, so whats the big deal over it? If one takes birth in any land, that does not mean that that land belongs to him. Imagine we go by this trend, then the hospital where my mother delivered me would belong to me. And every individual who takes birth in any particular place may demand for the land that he was born in. That sounds a little ridiculous isn't it? My question is that, if Rama was actually born there in Ayodhya, why must anyone demand for the place where one takes birth? One does not own a place by taking birth there. He must either purchase the land or rule the land. The stronger ruler dominates the land. That was history. Every ruler in the past extended his territory by conquering other kingdoms to rule the maximum that he could. That was the way of the kings of the past. Then the Britishers established supremacy over the Indian rulers through the means of power alone. Today, we are living at a time when the Indian government, or the Indian Democratic government is holding power over the inhabitants of India. Tomorrow, who knows, something may dominate the democratic India too. Whenever injustice is done, the reaction of the people would be to look for an alternative. And the True System for Justice would surely prevail over all the inefficient systems.

History is in records, and people don't care about history. Thats the reason for all confusion. All said and done, here is another observation. Not all Hindus believe in Rama as their lord. There are people amongst the hindus, who worship Ravana also. There are Hindus who dont believe in all the scriptures as sacred. There are people amongst them who dont believe in Manusmriti, the law book of the Hindus. There are many so called Hindus, who dont believe in idol worship... and the list goes on. Hence, the latest verdict does not really mean anything for most of the Hindus here. Most of the Hindus have embraced Islam and Christianity too. The Indian Muslims are majorly the Hindus who converted to Islam. The current day's Muslims in India are those who have forsaken their forefather's religions; for various reasons. We Muslims are also not really bothered about this verdict. For we never had much hopes in the first place. We never saw justice in the current system. We haven't seen the perpetrators of law to be punished. We never saw the people who demolished the masjid to be put behind bars. We still see the provokers of riots to be seen in television, holding seats in the parliament and giving beautiful speeches that unveils their pinnacle of hypocrisy. Hope you would agree on that.

One last word I want to share. "For Peace to prevail, Justice must be delivered".  May God bless India.

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