Thursday, November 18, 2010

O Muslims why do you Slaughter the Animals so cruelly on Eid ???

Q- What is the reason behind slaughtering the animal in Bakri Eid? Does it satisfy ALLAH or it has any scientific reason just like other rituals of Islam viz. fasting?

ALLAH says in surah hajj chapter 22 verse 37- It is not their meat, nor their blood, that reaches God, It is their piety that reaches God.

We slaughter the animal Not because we want meat and blood to go to ALLAH –that is in most of other religions. In other religions you slaughter the animal for GOD and you leave it on the idols. Maybe somebody else will come and eat it- the priest or someone – you leave it on idol for GOD

Quran says in suran anam Chapter 6 verse 14: And it is He Who feeds but is not fed

When we slaughter the animal we don’t do it so that the Meat & blood goes to ALLAH- the logic is it is the remembrance of the incidence of Prophet Ibrahim a.s

When almighty God asked Ibrahim who do you love most after god? He replied: my son.

So almighty god asks him, “Will you sacrifice the most beloved thing for me?” 

So prophet Ibrahim (a.s) he listens to his commandment and his son Ishmael tell to his father-“father blindfold your eye so though u love me u shouldn’t see me. Maybe your hand will not execute what your god wants”

So in this way the incidence continue and when he was about to slaughter his son there was a replacement of a sheep by a goat – In remembrance to that we commemorate Bakri Eid –when we slaughter the animal it is a remembrance to the world that almighty god doesn’t require human sacrifice . He was testing Prophet Ibrahim- not that almighty god dint know whether prophet Ibrahim will pass in test or not. He knew it very well that this prophet of mine will pass the test

It is reminding everyone that human sacrifice is prohibited. Especially even today in this country of ours that is India everyday human beings are being sacrificed in name of god which is prohibited. Here we are reminded that almighty god doesn’t require human sacrifice.

Further more when we slaughter the animal we don’t believe that the meat and blood go to almighty god.

When we slaughter we have to give:

Here again we are sharing. If you want you can give full to the poor also.
But minimum 1/3rd you have to give to poor to relatives &
 friends & 1/3 you can eat.
It is helping the poor people feeding the poor people.

 So here we are being reminded:

 1. That human sacrifice is prohibited
2. Almighty god doesn’t require blood or flesh of any animal
3. At the same time we are helping our poor people to feed them and increase the brotherhood

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