Monday, March 14, 2011

Loving Mom




'Get the food in mum, we still can't fly': Amazing pictures of warbler chicks at feedingBy Richard Hartley-Parkinson

They are cute, they are funny and they are just like human offspring.

These stunning photographs show the lives of warbler chicks and their relationships with their mother, but while they may be birds, they have striking resemblance to our own children.

All day long they sit around, tweeting, waiting for mum who is on a constant battle to keep them stocked up with food.

The demanding warbler chicks can't fly yet so they perch precariously on tree branches waiting for their mum to bring delicious grubs and grasshoppers and there's much excitement when they arrive.

The images display the incredible lengths the mother birds will go to in order to feed their hungry brood who are just days old.

The pictures, captured by photographer Octavianus Darmawan in Jakarta, Indonesia, show their incredible skill as they hover with the tasty treat and feed them in mid air.

The 56-year-old said when he takes the pictures he can take anything from a few days to week to capture the perfect shot of the mother and her chicks together.

He said: 'I take pictures to showcase the beauty of nature around me.

'I'm always impressed when I see the mother birds feeding their chicks because I can see how difficult it can be to find food and raise their kids.

'They have to face dangers like snakes and cats and it can be a struggle but they work hard.

'I became appreciative of my own parents after watching these birds and it made me thankful for the struggle they'd gone through to teach me and raise me well.'

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